Badminton Serving Rules

The badminton serve is the most important shot in a rally. Let me repeat that, the serve is the most important shot in badminton. And the short serve is the most difficult shot to master in badminton. If you come across an opponent that has mastered the short serve at the club level, be scared! I find that most beginner and intermediate players tend to emphasize getting good at the power shots (aka smashes and drives). Wrong choice. The first shot you should master is the serve, it will win you more rallies than any other shot. Period.

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How to Drop Shot in Badminton

Today I’m going to show you how to execute the basic badminton drop shot – my favorite shot in badminton. I love the drop shot because there are so many variants! For instance, there’s the forehand straight drop shot, forehand cross-court drop shot, …

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Best Badminton Shoes

Choosing the best badminton shoes is going to be one the most important buying decisions that you’re going to make. Not only do a good pair of badminton trainers help your game, they also protect your feet from injuries.

Research has shown that 66.9% of badminton injuries occur…

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