Bintang Badminton Academy 600 East Hamilton Avenua, Suite 189, Campbell, California CA 95008
Listing : Badminton Courts
Location : CaliforniaCampbell
Address : 600 East Hamilton Avenua, Suite 189
Phone : (408) 871-1683
Website :
Opening Hours : Monday-Friday : 11am - 2pm & 5pm - 11pm Saturday :10am - 10pm Sunday : 10am - 9pm
Facility Highlights : 11 professional badminton courts, professional lighting, professional YONEX court mats - professional suspension wood flooring, 32' high ceilings - fully stocked YONEX proshop

Bintang Badminton Academy (BBA) started in December of 2001 with only a handful of students and one crazily devoted coach. For a while, the students trained on the small warehouse’s cement floors, with the two badminton courts’ lines masked out with tape. Gradually, the academy grew to three courts; indoor sports flooring was installed (by the coach and the students); the walls were painted a cheerful lavender blue color. And since, many new badminton enthusiasts have been born.

In January of 2004, the academy moved to a larger warehouse that could fit eleven courts. Once again, the coach, his students, family, and friends all came together to help build the gym. After three months of hard work, the light blue star was finally painted onto the wall and the gym opened its doors to badminton fanatics from all over.

In the three years since the badminton academy’s birth, the number of kids and adults learning and playing badminton has grown tremendously. Through the badminton academy, many people who have never played badminton before have developed a passion for the sport; many people who have played before but were never serious have developed a competitive spirit. All in all, BBA has promoted the sport of badminton greatly within the community and hopes to continue doing so.

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