Best Badminton Set To Buy

Best Badminton Set To Buy

The popularity of badminton stems from the fact that it’s easy to enjoy the game anywhere. I have a few friends that play badminton in their pool! All you need is a shuttlecock, a couple of beginner rackets, and a net (sometimes optional). That’s all you need to set up a badminton match with friends or family. And if you are looking to play badminton outdoors for leisure, you should consider buying a badminton set.

A complete badminton set will have rackets, birdies, and a net. They’re usually easy to set up, and some do come with a regulation size netting. Now, if you are looking for a badminton set, you’re likely looking to set it up in your backyard and play badminton for leisure – as opposed to having competitive matches (usually played indoors). And that’s okay.

I’ve been to a few garden BBQs where the host was overly concerned about how high the net was, or the correct distance between the tramlines. In one instance, I was sent to the store to buy a measuring tape to make sure the backyard court was standard. Overkill. Badminton sets are a great way to bring the game to your home, but if you want to play competitively I recommend you join a local club that has an indoor badminton court.

Choosing a Badminton Set

Having said that, the best thing that you can do to start enjoying the game is buy a badminton set. Your family and friends will get hours of fun from it, and hopefully decide to play the game regularly. There are many badminton sets to choose from, how are you going to know which set is best for your needs? Here are the top 3 things to consider when choosing the best badminton set to buy: where, assembly, durability. Let’s look at each one of these.

  1. Where are you going to set up the badminton set?

This is probably the most important consideration when choosing a badminton set. A standard Best Badminton Set To Buybadminton court is 44ft by 20 feet. Do you have that much space in your backyard/driveway? As I said earlier, it’s not a must that you set up a standard court in your backyard. But if you only have a 10ft by 20ft open space, then you’ll need to get a badminton set that has a smaller net. Kids will enjoy playing in the smaller space, more than adults, and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to play an adult’s doubles game.

Another important element is how long you are going to leave up the set up. For instance, if you plan to set up in the park, during a picnic, at the beach, or take the set to a party – it’s important that the badminton set is portable and easy to carry. If you plan to set up the badminton set in your backyard and leave it there for the summer – then you’ll need a more sturdy set that can withstand weather degradation and continuous use.

  1. Assembly

Most badminton set will come with a label that reads, “easy to assemble.” It’s usually far from the truth – especially the more portable versions. From my experience setting up badminton sets, you’ll require patience and a gentle firm hand. And if you plan to let your kids set up and tear down the badminton set, it’s not going to last very long.

There are a few sets that are generally easier to assemble than others, but if you expect something that you’re going to lay on the ground and 2 minutes later it’s up – you’ll be disappointed. You’ll need at least 15 minutes to set up your badminton set.

  1. Durability

There are 3 main components to a good badminton set, a good pair or rackets, birdies, and the net and its support (beams/ropes). My experience is the more portable the badminton set, the more fragile it is. Portable badminton sets are very lightweight and hence don’t expect them to last long. Especially the poles, they all seem to be made of telescopic plastic/aluminum poles.

Sturdier badminton sets are heavier and less portable, but last longer. So if you plan to set up your badminton court for the whole summer, look for a sturdier heavier set. Now, most of the rackets that some with these sets are very basic and won’t last long. And the birdies will break apart after a few days of play.

So don’t be disappointed if the rackets and birdies don’t last that long. They are not meant to. If you and your family have played a few times and enjoyed the game, I suggest you buy a few good beginner rackets (that will last years) and a tube of plastic shuttlecocks (which should last you about 6 weeks of continuous play).

A few tips on how to make your badminton set last longer. When the set is delivered, please inspect it for any cracks on the poles/rackets. If you notice any defect, return it. Don’t setup and leave the net in your backyard for long periods of time without use. If don’t plan to use for a couple of weeks, take it down and store it away from the sun. The net is made of plastic which will degrade in the sun. Finally, be prepared to buy replacement birdies and rackets.

3 of the Best Badminton Set to Buy

  1. Zume Games Portable Badminton Set

Zume Games Portable Badminton SetIf you’re looking for a portable badminton set, this is the best one you can buy. It’s comes in a lightweight plastic carrying case that also doubles up as its base. Telescopic plastic poles (handle with care), 4 rackets and 2 shuttlecocks. Once set up, the net was about 10ft wide. Great for setting up in a small space, but we couldn’t play doubles. The kids though love it!

Had a swing using the rackets that came with the Zume Games portable badminton set and they felt cheap and flimsy. Opted to use our regular badminton racquets. I set this up in the driveway and since we play with the kids in the evenings and night, bought a few LED shuttlecocks.  This is a great badminton set for leisure play. A tad fragile. Too small for adults, but great for kids. Check price on Amazon.

  1. Baden Champions Badminton SetBaden Champions Badminton Set

This is probably the best badminton set that you can buy. I usually set up my Baden badminton set in the backyard for the summer and we use it all the time. What I really love about it is the quality of the net and steel poles and the relative ease in setting it up. The poles are held up by 2 lines that are anchored on each side.

My only regret, again, was how low quality the rackets and the shuttlecocks were. They didn’t last all summer! But I’ve been using this set for the last 3 years and the net and poles still hold up. I think it does help that I set it up and take it down once over the summer. If you’re looking for a durable badminton set that you can set up outdoors in your grass backyard, buy this set. Check price on Amazon.

  1. Park & Sun Sports Portable Badminton Set

Park Sun Sports Portable Badminton SetThe Park & Sun badminton net is very similar to the Baden’s badminton set. Came with a net, aluminum poles, 3 shuttlecocks and 4 rackets. I bought one a few summers ago and the only advantage this set has over the Baden’s is the poles. Because they are aluminum, they are lighter and hence more portable. So if you want a standard badminton set that you can take to your friend’s party or take camping, get this set.

I did ask the kids to take it down and one of the aluminum poles broke. So yes, you’ll need to be careful when you assemble and disassemble the set. The rackets and birdies were okay. They did last the whole summer, but we didn’t play much that summer. My only concern would be the durability of this set, other than that, this is a great portable set. Check price on Amazon.


That’s it for this short review. Hope it has helped you in choosing the best badminton set to buy. I’ve focused on complete sets, there are lots of incomplete badminton sets that you can buy. And if you’re a DIYer, you might consider buying a net (or make one), getting a 12ft 1/2inch pipe (cut into 2), 4 beginner badminton rackets, and a tube of birdies.  Then set up a backyard badminton DIY court that lasts all summer…!

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