How Many Sets are in Badminton?

How many sets are in a badminton match

A badminton match consists of best of 3 games. To be precise, and unlike tennis, there are no sets in a badminton match.

In badminton, play is divided into games and matches. Like tennis, you’re declared the winner if you win the match. But unlike tennis, you win a badminton match by winning two out of three games.

So at a maximum, there are 3 games in a badminton match and whomever wins 2 badminton games in a match wins the match. A game in badminton is very similar to a set in volleyball and tennis. But keep in mind that in tennis, there are many sets (at a minimum 10) in a game.

Scoring in Badminton Games

In a badminton game, whomever wins the rally scores a point. It doesn’t matter who served. The side the wins the rally scores a point.

The first side that scores 21 points wins a badminton game. If the score is 20-all (20-20), the first side that gains a 2-point lead (24-22 for instance) wins the game. If the score is 29-29, the side that wins the next rally, wins the game.

Every time you score a point you also win the serve – you get to serve for the next point. And if you win a game, you also get to serve first in the next game.  To begin a match, you toss a coin to decide which side is going to serve first.

Badminton Matches

Badminton Matches

As stated earlier, a badminton match consists of best of 3 games. So like volleyball, there at a maximum 3 games/sets in badminton.

Now, in a badminton match you change ends at the end of the first and second game. If a third game is played, you change sides when either side scores 11 points.  A match can be suspended or delayed by the umpire or referee. But this rarely happens.

There are other scoring systems in badminton. For instance, you can have a match that consists of only a single 21 point game. Or have a match that is a best of 3, 15 point games.

At our club, we like to play a best of 3, 11-point game matches. As in other games, badminton has a versatile scoring system. It’s up to the players/clubs to agree on a scoring system that suits their needs.

If you use a unique scoring system at your club or with your friends, please share it in the comment section below…


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